omega.7 brochure

The omega.7 haptic device features some unique characteristic that make it the interface of choice for the most advanced multiple point-of-contact touch-enabled applications.

> active grasping
the omega.7 offers a 4th active degree-of-freedom as a grasping mechanism.

> rotation sensing
the omega.7 features a rotation sensing extension that is fully gravity compensated and designed to avoid interference from parasitic torques generated by translational forces.

> quality
the omega.7 is designed for superior performance - no plastic components are used for any critical mechanical component of the device for unrivaled reliability and haptic quality.

> accuracy
a dedicated sensor provides one-time, drift-free calibration.

> stiffness
due to their unique patented parallel kinematics structure, the omega.7 haptic device offers unequaled closed loop stiffness, allowing for crisper realism.

> comfort
all omega.7 causes minimal user fatigue, thanks to active gravity compensation.

> safety
an onboard CPU monitors velocity in real time and enables electromagnetic damping on the haptic device if a problem occurs on the host computer.

> ease-of-use
the omega.7 comes with the Force Dimension SDK, which provides a simple, flexible and powerful way of developing haptic applications.


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