Force Dimension offers OEM solutions to companies who wish to integrate advanced software or hardware haptic capabilities in their applications. All of our devices can be customized to simulate a variety of tools. OEM applications include medical and industrial robot interfaces, medical and training simulators in which the haptic end-effector simulates the physical sensations of using a real instrument, 3D interfaces for imaging and modeling.

Our core areas of expertise include high precision mechanical and electro-mechanical systems, embedded software, human interfaces, 3D haptic and dynamic software simulation with real-time performances.

OEM capabilities include:
> mechanical and electrical engineering development
> software engineering and system architecture
> design for manufacturing and assembly
> tool development
> rapid iteration
> form development

For any inquiry about OEM services, please use the following contact information:

Force Dimension
Allée de la Petite Prairie 2
CH-1260 Nyon

t +41 22 362 6570
f +41 22 362 6571

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