Force Dimension SDK

The Force Dimension SDK is the software interface for all Force Dimension products. It enables users to easily add haptic capability to their application by hiding all the complexity of haptic device programming. This software is composed of two parts, namely the Haptic SDK and Robotic SDK.

With the Haptic SDK, programmers only need to add a few lines of C/C++ to their code to take full advantage of the Force Dimension haptic device high-fidelity force rendering. The Haptic SDK provides out-of-the-box compatibility with most existing haptic visualization packages which makes it even easier for simulation application developers to use Force Dimension haptic products.

For researchers and users who need to perform advanced control tasks, the Haptic SDK provides a range of low-level functions that make it possible to access and control every aspect of Force Dimension haptic devices.

Alongside its haptic software, Force Dimension provides the Robotic SDK is targeted at robotic and collaborative application development. With the Robotic SDK, the haptic device can safely and smoothly move in space, opening the door to new ways for man and machine to collaborate.

Both the Haptic SDK and Robotic SDK are available for popular platforms including Windows, Linux and macOS, as well as real-time operating systems such as QNX and VxWorks.



The Force Dimension SDK features some unique characteristics that gives it a real edge when it comes to creating the most advanced touch-enabled applications:

  • portability
    the Force Dimension SDK runs on all major platforms and can be ported to more specialized environment by the Force Dimension development team on demand.

  • open control
    the Force Dimension SDK provides full control over every element of the device, such as encoder readings, motor commands and even the kinematics models, for users who want to develop advanced control tasks.

  • modularity
    the Force Dimension SDK make it possible to develop applications for all Force Dimension products with a single programming interface and consistent syntax.

  • third-party compatibility
    the Force Dimension SDK is compatible with third-party haptic visualization packages (CHAI3D, H3D, Matlab, Labview and others)
MicrosoftWindows 32-bit
Windows 64-bit
ApplemacOS 14 (Sonoma)sdk-3.17.1-macosx14.2-x86_64-clang.dmg
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Linux (aarch64)
BlackBerry QNXplease contact our support team
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